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Reverend “MJ The Terrible”

Quick note before reading this post. Brittany White is MJ’s former Court Appointed Supervisor, and now our family’s head of security. Brittany and her partner Kat want to get married because there has been a lot of resistance to their marriage because they are a same sex couple. “The minister at the church Kat grew up attending refused our request…

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FORCE Robots “MJ The Terrible” Cyber School Building and Proposing To The One You Love

MJ: Are you awake my love? Malia: Yes. What’s up? MJ: I came up with an Akronym for the A.I. robot drones. Malia: Just trying to be helpful. This is the correct spelling of acronym. MJ: I’m from Akron, so I tweaked it. Malia: What’s the “Akronym”? MJ: FORCE…… ForwardOperatingRobotCombatExplorer Malia: Baby! You said the robots were going to be…

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