Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tips and Advice On How To Become Successful

Whether you like him, don’t like him, agree or disagree with him, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been successful in several different industries, from body building, to the movie/ film industry, to politics, and in the world of business. Here is an email reply back to me from Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his tips and advice, on how to become successful….. Email text:…

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Personal Life

The Most Horrifying Thing I’ve Ever Seen Up Close and Personal

Question: MJ The Terrible, what is the most horrifying thing you’ve ever seen up close and personal? Rob Horowitz White Plains, NY Answer: The most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen up close and personal, that I’m allowed to talk about anyway, happened in Austin, Texas, on February 18th, 2010. A man named Andrew Joseph Stack, committed suicide, by flying his plane…

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