Dr Deb Frincke and Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson Neurotech Brain Implant Photo Collage
Personal Life

MJ The Terrible’s Brain by Dr. Deb Frincke

On February 14th, 2015, Michael Johnson (MJ), better known as “MJ The Terrible”, suffered a Subdural Hematoma rupture.  MJ was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. After discovering MJ was the perfect candidate for a new experimental neurotech brain machine interface (BMI) implant that I was developing with my team, I requested he be brought to…

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Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Quotes (Newly Updated)

“Dreams can be had. Goals can be achieved. Questions can be answered. Be open to opportunities!” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC. “When you need to accomplish something, remember the name “Will Resourceful”. Have the “Will” to see it through, and be “Resourceful” enough to get the job done.”  Michael “MJ The…

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