Personal Life

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Awarded Distinguished Intelligence Cross

What my 6-year-old son CJ said about his Daddy(me) being awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross. He said these 6 things, and I decided to write them down. 1. “I love you hero Daddy. Have you ever fighted Red Skull, Captain America’s bad guy?” 2. “Remember when on Christmas Eve when Donald Trump the President called and said you were a…

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“Game Changer”

My Grandma, Alma Bartlett Johnson, suffered a terrible stroke just a few days before her birthday, on September 30th, 1997. My Grandpa decided since she was only being kept alive by machines, that he would wait until her birthday(September 30th), to turn the machines off, and let her pass. The doctors told the family that once the machines were off,…

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