Malia Hey Sexy Man Post Picture - Michael David Johnson
Personal Life

“Hookie Nookie Day”

Malia: Hey sexy man in the picture, my doctor just told me it has been long enough after having the baby that we can start having intercourse again when I’m ready. News flash Michael David Johnson…………..I’m ready! I’m sooooooo ready! That’s the part where you come in. Feel like playing hookie from work today for some nookie with me? Please????…

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Pancakes and Cheetos Sexologist Post Collage

Malia Talks With A Sexologist

Question: My question is for Malia. I am a sexologist. I can’t see you but I bet you laughed like everyone else does when I tell them what my profession is. I am currently studying the smell of men’s “goo”, if you will. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what MJ THE TERRIBLE’s you know, stuff smells like?…

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