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Thank You Walter Reed Medical Center For Taking Such Good Care of Me

MJ The Terrible Wearing Walter Reed T-shirt and MJ The Terrible T-shirt

I will never forget what the incredible staff at America’s Hero Hospital, Walter Reed Medical Center, did for me. If it were not for your brilliant skill and care, I would not be alive to write this post right now.

Thank you for the clothes. We will wear them with pride! The first onesies the twins will ever wear, will be the onesies you sent.

I can’t wait to give my son CJ the “MJ The Terrible” shirt. I’m sure ex Gotye will love it! LOL!

I think Dr. Frincke said it best- “When you leave us next week, you will miss the people, not the pain.”

Very true Dr. Frincke! I love you guys and girls!!!

Side note- Malia, who is sitting on my chest while taking this picture, is also wearing the shirt you sent her. She thanks you too.

Walter Reed MJ Care Team Reunion Party Public RSVP –

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