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“That’s The Last Thing On My Mind!”

Malia Giving MJ The Look Downtown Austin Austin Texas After WWE Wrestling Event

This morning I was moody, bitchy, and feisty. I was in a bad mood, and I took it out on MJ.

My boobs were sore from breastfeeding. I was feeling morning sicknessy. I rolled over to kiss MJ this morning and he accidentally headbutted me. My pregnancy hormones were raging. I still had Italian road whores hitting on MJ, on my mind. I was pretty much a total bitch to MJ, and he didn’t deserve it. 

MJ’s mom came to pick up the kid’s mid-morning. I told MJ I was going to go with them to cool down, but what I was planning to do was go out the front door, around to the back of the house, sneak upstairs to put on the sexy Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit I bought, and sexy surprise MJ.

I was able to sneak around the house, go upstairs, and put on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. When I came downstairs to surprise MJ, I could hear him singing, so I decided to wait around the corner, outside of the room he was in for a minute, to listen to him sing.

3 quick side notes before we continue. 

1. When I was yelling at MJ this morning, I said a few key phrases that you will notice he put in the song lyrics. 

Here are the key phrases:

“Sex is the last thing on my mind!” 

“It’s the little things!”

“You should just hold me and tell me everything will be fine!” 

2. MJ’s close friend and body double Chris, likes country music, and he recently made MJ a country songs playlist to listen to.

3. MJ likes to make up his own words to songs. 

The song I heard MJ singing when I was listening to him sing was an old country song by Willie Nelson, called “You Were Always On My Mind”.

MJ’s version of the song is “That’s The Last Thing On My Mind”.

Here are the lyrics I heard MJ sing- 

Maybe I didn’t love you this morning, quite as good as I could have

And maybe I didn’t treat you this morning, quite as good as I should have

If I made you feel like sex was best

Girl I’m sorry I was blind

That’s the last thing on my mind

Sex is the last thing on my mind

Maybe I didn’t love you this morning, quite as good as I could have

And maybe I should have just held you and told you, everything will be fine

Little things I should have said and done, but I screwed up this time

That’s the last thing on my mind

Sex is the last thing on my mind

Tell me that the happiness in our house hasn’t died

Give me, give me one more chance to keep you satisfied with a hug next time

That’s the last thing on my mind

Sex is the last thing on my mind

After he sang “That’s The Last Thing On My Mind”, he walked out to where I was. As soon as he saw me standing there giving him “The Look” in my Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit, with my arms folded across my chest, he put his head down. Then he sat down on the sofa chair and put his head in his hands, looking at the floor. Then he said- “If you heard me singing, I wasn’t making fun of you. What you said was on my mind, and that is why the words came out in the song. I only want you to be happy, and today I made you mad/sad. I failed at my job. I apologize.” 

I walked over to where he was sitting, gently pushed his chest back to where he was laying back in the sofa chair. I straddled him and started singing- “That’s the last thing on my mind” and kissed him. He asked me why I was kissing him and told me he liked my Cowboys cheerleader outfit. I told him he did nothing wrong, and I wanted to have make up sex.

A single tear ran down his face, as he picked me up to lay me on my back on the couch. MJ is the kind of guy who can communicate without saying a word. The single tear that ran down his face let me know how much he loves me and wants to make me happy.

Step Aside Adalida! Here Comes Malia May Johnson, Pretty Little South African Queen! –

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