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The Malia Cashes In On The MJ Rain Check

Masters of Money LLC I Love Rain Checks Graphic

Malia: The Malia is interested in having the intercourse, with the MJ.

MJ: The MJ is also interested in having the intercourse with the Malia.

Malia: The Malia would like to cash in on the going down on her rain check the MJ offered her earlier this month. The Malia really enjoys the tongue of the MJ.

MJ: The MJ will go down on the Malia and lick the Malia until the Malia is the maximum satisfied.

Malia: The Malia wants that so the bad. The Malia wants it, and the Malia needs it. It’s a both situation.

Malia: The Malia’s belly is too big to see the MJ while the MJ is lick loving on the Malia’s business.

MJ: Just because the Malia can’t see the MJ lick loving on her business, doesn’t mean that it is not the happening.

Malia: The Malia loves the feeling of the MJ’s tongue. The doctor prescribed the MJ’s tongue for the Malia’s medicinal purposes.

MJ: What the doctor prescribed the MJ’s tongue for the Malia’s medicinal purposes?

Malia: The Malia, who has the doctorate, prescribed the MJ’s tongue to the herself. Please the MJ? I could really the use the you on the me right now.

Malia: I have been SOOO looking the forward to cashing in the you going down on the me rain check.

MJ: The MJ will the gladly the deliver the good lick lovin on the sexy thickalicious the Malia.

Malia: Yay me!

MJ: Where do you want the MJ?

Malia: Between the Malia’s legs.

MJ: Well, the yeah on that part. I meant the where location wise? The my office? The gym? The guest house? The our bedroom?

Malia: The our bedroom. The my belly is higher than the my boobs now. The Malia can’t the move. Can you do the everything for me and to me? I need the full service. I need you to undress me, lick me and dick me, and then redress me.

MJ: I got you baby.

Malia: I love you so the much. I am so under your spell Michael David Johnson. You have me completely lickmatized and dickmatized.

MJ: 1 minute warning until the lick and dick sextravaganza begins.

Malia: I pulled my panties down like 4 inches to help get things started.

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