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The MJ The Terrible Beast Can’t Get No Satisfaction From The Beauty Malia

Malia and MJ Beauty and Beast 3 Photo Filters Collage

MJ: Why does everybody look at me like I’m a beast, and they look at you as a beauty? You are a beauty, but I don’t want to be a beast.

Malia: Well if the beast mask fits. 

MJ: Baby!

Malia: I am just teasing. Why do you think everybody looks at us like beauty and the beast?

MJ: Look at these quotes from Sheila Thomas, my Asian Mom, Doctor Frincke, and Mr. Fanning.

“Your wife is so sweet, and so kind. I can see why your mother loves Malia so much. She is just to die for Michael.” Sheila Thomas

“Malia is so awesoming ga my. She sending me a nice card with baby pictures in it. I swear you messing it up with her I gonna kill you ga my. You mess it up with her I know your fault not her fault. She so sweet ga my.” Chin Soum

“MJ, I never would have believed you’d be the man you have become, if I wouldn’t have seen it with my own eyes. Everyone who knows you knows Malia is to blame for turning you into the man you are today, but I will still give you 5% of the credit.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Dr. Deb is right. Malia made MJ tolerable. 2009/10 MJ was a lost soul. He was an angry young man. MJ had the right to be angry with what was thrust upon him, but without Malia as a calming force in his life, MJ’s life could have gone down an entirely different path. MJ, you are special, but without Malia you never would have left Walter Reed.” Eric Fanning

Malia: Baby, they all love you and think the world of you. 

MJ: It feels like they think I’m the beast that landed the beauty.

Malia: Maybe they are complimenting me, to you? Did you ever think that?

MJ: That could be it.

Malia: Our friends and family know you are a great guy, a great husband, a great father, an American hero.

Malia: With everyone who doesn’t know you/us, it’s a perception they may have. Your nickname is “MJ The Terrible”. You are known for creating Stuxnet, the most dangerous cyber weapon ever created. Millions and maybe billions of people’s lives have been affected by Stuxnet. When we first met, Interpol was calling you “The most dangerous hacker in the world”. Do you see how it could be perceived that you are the “MJ The Terrible” beast, and I am the beauty?

MJ: Yeah. Are you still wearing the touch yourself a lot lingerie you had on earlier?

Malia: Un huh

MJ: Are you off the phone with my mom yet?

Malia: Un huh

Malia: Is all of this I am a beauty and you are a beast business because I was talking with your mom on the phone, and you wanted to talk to her, but she wanted to finish talking to me first? 

MJ: It’s some of it.

Malia: Is the rest of it, you got turned on because I was trying on lingerie while I was on the phone with your mom, and I wouldn’t let you finger me and feel me up and kiss on me, while I was on the phone with your mom?

MJ: I was feeling rejected.

Malia: Baby, we had sex 2 times today. I thought you were good for the day, and you were just messing with me to be messing with me. We were planning her next visit. She’s going to start flying on Masters of Money’s new company jet when she visits.

MJ: You never want to have sex with me.

Malia: OMG! Yes I do! To recap, we had sex twice already today, and the only reason I didn’t want to have sex with you earlier, is because I was on the phone with your mom planning her next visit!

MJ: 🙁

Malia: That’s it! Get your skinny white butt up here, and you are not leaving our bedroom until you shoot friggin dust when you orgasm, because there isn’t a drop of fluid left in your balls to shoot!

MJ: Can I ask you something real quick first?

Malia: …..

MJ: When you were trying lingerie on while you were on the phone with my mom, were you touching and rubbing yourself a lot to turn me on on purpose, or were you just acting naturally?

Malia: On purpose.

MJ: I knew it! 

Malia: I wanted to turn you on so you would want to have sex with me. Sue me! 

MJ: I just wanted to know if you were trying to turn me on on purpose or not. Is it possible to have an orgasm and nothing come out?

Malia: Baby I was teasing about the you not leaving our bedroom until you orgasm and dust comes out. I wanted you to know I will always take care of your sexual needs. 

MJ: Do you think it’s possible though?

Malia: Let’s find out! Sex until your balls are completely empty, and…..Go!

Do you think any handy men that have come to fix our stuff have fantasized about having sex with me? –

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