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The Story of The First Time MJ Walked On His Own After His Subdural Hematoma Brain Surgery

Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson Physical Therapy Learning How To Walk Again Walter Reed Medical Center April 2016

MJ suffered a subdural hematoma rupture on 2/14/2015. He went through a brain surgery, a medically induced coma, speech therapy, to learn how to talk again, and physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

MJ was a patient at Walter Reed for 17 months, from February 2015 – July 2016.

MJ’s main doctor while he was at Walter Reed, was Dr. Deborah Frincke. MJ’s nickname for Dr. Frincke was Dr. Frinckenstein.

Malia May Olivia Dupont, now Malia May Johnson, MJ’s wife, was an intern for Dr. Deborah Frincke, while she was in college.

Dr. Frincke’s favorite moment treating MJ happened when MJ walked all the way across PT Rehab Room 1 on his own and MJ, Malia and she had a celebratory group hug.

Here is the conversation and the play by play, of the first time MJ walked on his own after his subdural hematoma surgery.

Dr. Frincke: I am going to lunch.

MJ: What if I make it across the room?

Dr. Frincke: You won’t. You wanted to die 6 months ago. If you aren’t man enough to get better and go be the father your son deserves to have in his life, you definitely aren’t man enough to walk all the way across this room. I’ll be back after lunch.

Note: MJ started crying and yelled- Fine bitch. Fuck you then! Malia! Help me!

Note: Malia heard MJ yelling and came running. Dr. Frincke told Malia to run to MJ’s room to get the only picture MJ had of him and his son and come back to where she was waiting outside of the room. Malia got it and came running back. Dr. Frincke told Malia to walk into the room where MJ was and wait on the other side of the room from him holding the only picture MJ had of him and his son together, and to encourage MJ to try to make it to her. Malia walked into the room crying with the picture of MJ and his son.

Malia: You can do it baby. Please try to make it.

MJ: I can’t. I’m afraid.

Malia: Do you love me?

MJ: Yes, and I hate Dr. Frincke! She fucking quit on me!

Malia: Dr. Frincke didn’t leave. She’s waiting in the hallway.

MJ: No. She quit. She went to lunch. I fucking hate that bitch!

Malia: If Dr. Frincke walks back into this room, will you try for me baby?

MJ: Yeah

Note: Dr. Frincke walked back into the room and leaned with her left shoulder up against the wall with her arms crossed.

MJ: Why didn’t you leave?

Dr. Frincke: Because I believe in you.

Note: MJ yelled his sons name at the top of his lungs and walked all the way across the room. Malia hugged MJ and they were both crying. While they were hugging Malia said, “I am so proud of you!”

MJ: I made it Dr. Frincke. Are you going to get in on this hug or what? Group hug! Come on!

Dr. Frincke: Sure.

MJ: We did this together y’all!

Dr. Frincke: I was only hard on you because it was what you needed.

MJ: You just don’t want me to choke the shit out of you for 10 seconds.

Dr. Frincke: You are a good guy. I have read your psychological profile. You are naturally protective of women, children, and animals. I knew you wouldn’t choke me.

MJ: Yeah. You’re probably right. Do I get to rest for a day now?

Dr. Frincke: Not on your life! Tomorrow I expect you to walk farther and faster.

MJ: I thought my janky walk had pretty good form to it.

Dr. Frincke: You and Malia can take the rest of the day off. I’ll see you both bright and early tomorrow morning.

MJ: Thank you. Are you going be a bitch tomorrow Dr. Frincke?

Dr. Frincke: Whatever it takes.

MJ: But now I know you believe in me.

Dr. Frincke: That I do. I’ll see you two tomorrow.

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