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The Zombie Bedroom Controversy

Zombie Bedroom Makeover Photo

Malia: Wanna play hangman?

MJ: Like where you guess the letters to figure out words and what not

Malia: Yep!

MJ: Ok. I’m stuck on what I’m working on anyway. 

Malia: Ok. Here we go. _   _ _ _ _  _ _  _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _! It’s something I want to do. Pick a letter. 


Malia: That works.  _   _ _ _ _   _ _   _ U _ _   _ _ U _   _ _ _ _!

MJ: C 

Malia: You got another one.  _   _ _ _ _   _ _   _ U C _   _ _ U _  C _ _ _!


Malia: You meant O. Good job baby. You got another one.  _   _ _ _ _   _ O   _ U C _   _ O U _  C O _ _!

MJ: I wrote a B. Not an O. 

Malia: Good job! You got another one. You picked a K.  _   _ _ _ _   _ O   _ U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!

MJ: I pick 9

Malia: Yay! Another one! You picked an A. You’re on a roll!  _   _ A _ _   _ O   _ U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!


Malia: Uh huh.  _   W A _ _   _ O   _ U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!


Malia: Uh huh! I  W A _ _   _ O   _ U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!

MJ: I love you! I figured it out but I’m being feisty. Uhm…Q

Malia: An N! Perfect! I  W A N _  _ O   _ U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!

MJ: $

Malia: Yep! An S works. I  W A N _  _ O  S U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!


Malia: You got it. There are 2 T’s. I  W A N T  T O  S U C K   _ O U _  C O C K!

MJ: Hmmm! Let me see. I’m going to guess #

Malia: Baby! You must be cheating or something, because you are getting everything right! There is a Y.  I  W A N T  T O  S U C K  Y O U _  C O C K!

MJ: I friggin love this game! I’m going to guess &

Malia: Awesome baby!! R is the final letter.  I  W A N T  T O  S U C K  Y O U R  C O C K! 

MJ: Is the next answer the bedroom?

Malia: Yes, but which bedroom?

MJ: Ours, right? 

Malia: No. I want to show you the makeover I did on one of the bedrooms. 

MJ: Cool. Can’t wait to see it. The zombie bedroom or the tile one?

Malia: Ugh! The zombie bedroom. Are you going to call it that forever? I put a rug over the “Zombie Z” with the weird what looks like faces on it. I want our house to look good baby, and I like decorating. 

MJ: I won’t call it the zombie bedroom if you don’t want me to. Everybody calls it that, so I do to. 

Malia: You called it the Zombie bedroom, and then everyone else started calling it that. 

MJ: I’m sure it looks great. Are you ready for me to come check it out now? 

Malia: Yes. Just know that if you call it the Zombie bedroom still, after you have seen the room makeover, you will not be getting the awesome bj I have planned for you. 

MJ: I’m sure I’ll love the bedroom makeover. I’ll be over as soon as this document gets done scanning. 

Malia: What bedroom are you coming to check out?

MJ: The zombie one, right? 

Malia: I knew it! You called it the Zombie bedroom!!

MJ: Well, in my mind it’s still the zombie bedroom. I was going to come up with a new nickname when I saw how you redid it. 

Malia: So what bedroom are you about to come check out?

MJ: The second bedroom on the left on the second floor. 

Malia: Yep. I’ll be waiting. 

MJ: What bedroom will you be waiting in?

Malia: You thought I was going to quick reply by accident the Zombie bedroom, didn’t you?

MJ: Yeah

Malia: I’m on to your evil but kinda cute at the same time ways Michael David Johnson!

MJ: I love you, and I genuinely do appreciate the time and effort you put into making our house, our home. 

Malia: 🙂

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