The 2 Types of Risks That You Can Take

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The 2 Types of Risks That You Can Take:

Risk (definition): The possibility of loss or injury.

Risk (example): The chance that an investment will lose value.

The 2 Types of Risks:

1. WAG: Wild Ass Guesses

WAG’s are risks you take, only when you can afford to take a low odds chance, you have nothing to lose, or you just absolutely believe in something.

2. Calculated Risks

Risks you take that come with somewhat of a predetermined risk reward ratio.

There is no gain without risk. That doesn’t mean start taking wild unnecessary risks. It means take calculated risks when necessary, to achieve the objective.  

It is inevitable that you will have to take some risks to succeed in business, and in life. Know the difference between WAG’s and Calculated Risks.

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