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The “5D” Movie Experience

(Malia and MJ at Ipic 3D Movie)

This morning…..

Malia: I wasn’t feeling very pretty today, but this cute boy on my left told me I was beautiful. Thank you for making my day baby!

This afternoon…..

There’s the “Mile High Club”, and other fun references for people that have had sex in certain places.

I’m not sure if there is already a name for people who have had sex in a movie threatre or not, but today Malia and I joined that club.

I was teasing with her about having sex at the 3D movie we went to see today, but Malia said- “Right now? At the movies? I’m in the mood too. How can we do it in here without getting caught?”

Then I said-

“2D movies….Flat screen
3D movies….The screen projects towards you from the front
4D movies…..A single screen, or multiple screens project at you, all around you.
5D movies….The movie experience is inside of you! I want this to be a 5D experience!”

Malia got up from her recliner, brought her blanket over and laid down in front of me in the spooning position, and boom!

That was by far the best movie experience I’ve ever had!

I can’t remember the name of the movie, but I will never forget that experience!

Malia, I don’t know how you pull off/organize/get everything done/keep us all happy/make shit happen for our family and me, the way that you do, but baby, you are fucking incredible!!!

I meant what I said today about how you’re a hybrid version of Maria Von Trapp, June Cleaver, and Jenna Jameson, all put together.

Malia May Johnson……You are the winning lottery ticket of wives!

I love you babycakes!


“MJ The Happy Husband”

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