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To Pull Out or Not To Pull Out? That Is My Question.

Malia May Johnson Wearing Sexy Daisy Duke Shorts Crossing Her Legs at Houston Astros Baseball Game Photo

Malia: Do you remember this picture?

Malia May Johnson Wearing Sexy Daisy Duke Shorts Crossing Her Legs at Houston Astros Baseball Game Photo

MJ: Yes

Malia: Do you remember what you said to me after you took that picture and sat down next to me?

MJ: I do. I said- “Baby, you have the sexiest legs I have ever seen. It is hard to watch the game when all I can think about is you wrapping those sexy legs of yours around me.”

Malia: I have an important announcement! 

MJ: That you love me?

Malia: Well, yeah, but I have another important announcement too. 

Malia: I am going to be wrapping my legs around you a lot very very soon. Bedroom Quarantine Day is October 20th!

MJ: Is that your vagina is back open for sexy business day?

Malia: It is! 

MJ: I love October!

Malia: Because it’s your birthday month?

MJ: Because it is breast cancer, feel your boobs up all the time, to make sure there aren’t any lumps month. Sometimes licking and sucking are also required to check your boobs. I love you and your boobs. I want to make sure they are in good breast health.

Malia: Of course licking and sucking my boobs to check for lumps is important. My doctor does that at every appointment I go to.

MJ: What? Please tell me you are messing with me.

Malia: I am messing with you. You are the only boobs licker sucker in my life.

MJ: You told me to remind you if/when you get baby fever again, that it is time to start slowing the baby making factory down. 

Malia: I do not recall saying that we should slow down on having babies. You must be getting old and losing your memory.

MJ: That must be it. 

Malia: I might have said that, but I think we should have another baby. 

MJ: Are you sure?

Malia: This is all that she wants – 

MJ: So, am I supposed to try to slow you down like you wanted me to do before, or am I supposed to do what you want now?

Malia: Do what I want now.

MJ: One last time for the record…To pull out or not to pull out? That is my question.

Malia: You told me that having a house full of babies and a stay at home wife who holds things down at home while you work and take care of business outside of the house, is what you have always wanted.

MJ: I did say that, and I am happy. We live an incredible life together.

Malia: It’s like you say at happy hours when you want to have another drink, “Let’s have one more for the road. It makes sense to have one more for the road, because if we don’t, we might get thirsty on the way home.” What you really meant was you wanted to have one more for the road, followed by one more for the road, followed by one more for the road, etc., until it’s closing time.

MJ: It has been a while since I have been to a happy hour.

Malia: I get it. You don’t want to have another baby with me because I’m black. This is yet another case of the white man holding black people down.


Malia: I know. It only makes sense to have an even number of kids though, right? Every child has someone to play with. No odd kid out.

Malia: I love being pregnant. It is the best experience ever. I am happy with the size of our family, and I am happy in general, but if I got pregnant again, I would be happy about it.

Malia: You have a happy wife. I hope that means you have a happy life. 

MJ: I do baby. I am happy, except on migraine headache days, but they only usually last a day. I can handle having a bad headache once a month for all of the happy days I have.

MJ: Just to clarify. If I pull out to go on you, are you going to act disappointed like you did sometimes when I didn’t finish in you in the past? 

Malia: I trust you to make the right decision to go in me.

MJ: Uh huh. I knew it. 

Malia: Don’t judge me! 

MJ: This is a judgement free zone. All I want to know is, are you going to be upset with me if I pull out and go? 

Malia: Are you going to make me say it Michael David Johnson? 

MJ: Ok then. Let’s do this!

Malia: All you have to remember starting October 20th is to go inside me. You can do it. I have faith you will make the right choice, to not pull out.

Malia: Coming soon to a bedroom with you – 

MJ: I’m all in, and I will be going all in…!

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