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To My Prince MJ…..

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To My Prince MJ,

When I was a little girl growing up in Cape Town South Africa my friends like to dress up like little princesses and have tea parties and get dressed up and wait for Prince Charming to come save us from the evil Trash Can Monster and then take us away to live happily ever after.

I always loved playing Princess but when we got older one day I guess we realized our Prince Charming wasn’t coming to save and we quit playing.

What I didn’t realize was my Prince Charming was coming to save me from the evil Trash Can Monster and take me off to live happily ever after, but he had ADD and I guess his GPS wasn’t working or something because he didn’t show up for almost 20 more years. But I’m glad you came for me MJ.

You always show up for me. Don’t get mad when you read this next part baby. I know you. Read all of it first. MJ, when I relationship quiz you when my magazines come in every month, you almost always fail the quizzes but I don’t care. I don’t care because even though they drive you crazy you still do them for me and in real life, the only relationship quiz that truly counts, I know you would do anything in the world for me. I know you would do anything to keep me safe and protect our family no questions asked.

Michael David Johnson, my Princess Charming, thank you for being my real life Princess Charming.

I need you. I love you. Thank you.


The Little Girl From South Africa Who Believed Princess Charming Was Out There Trying To Find Me

P.S. Baby I put the ps on here for you because if you write anything personal it always gets a ps. This ps is for you.

For MJ P.S. I don’t know exactly what you did with the impossible project you just got done working on but I do know you saved peoples lives and prevented some really bad stuff from happening. You are a special person baby. You don’t know how to fail. That’s why they turn to you.

For MJ P.P.S. I know it upset you today when they wouldn’t let you/us leave today after you solved or finished the project like they said they would but at least you know what is waiting for you when they apprehend the bad guys and we can go back home.

In the past I used to get mad right along with you when things like this would happen. I am on your side always baby, but today they were right to keep you/us here. If you/we left and the bad guys got to you, this could all be undone and then the bad guys win.

Please forgive me and love me MJ. I am sorry I didn’t do a better job of making you feel like I had your back today.

I know what they promised you and I know how much you miss a certain little cutie patootie waiting for you back home, but now you know it’s only a matter of time baby.

I will love you forever Prince Charming The Terrible.

Love again,


P.P.P.S. I always have your back. I’m ride or die. You know that. Please don’t be mad at me. I know you love posted me earlier but you still won’t talk to me like normal and be your normal lovey dovey self.

I will P.P.P.P.P.S. you to death until you love me again watch.

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