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Welcome To Hell On Earth Assholes

Hell On Earth Virus Graphic

Today two idiots tried to hack into my network. Overall, I think they did a pretty good job, other than of course the getting caught part.

Guys, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is, I’m not the kind of guy who calls the cops. The bad news is, I’m not the kind of guy who calls the cops!

It was fun watching you two shit heads through your webcam, while you were celebrating hacking into “MJ The Terrible’s weak ass system”.

I especially enjoyed the part where you clicked on the folder- “Naked pictures and videos of Malia”. It definitely wasn’t naked pictures and videos of my beautiful financee, but I think what’s in there is sexy. What do you think? My guess is, probably not.

I want to give you two dip shits something to think about while you are rebuilding your lives, because your old ones are completely ruined.

The virus of all viruses you turds were unlucky enough to find, I named- Hell On Earth(HOE). The virus starts out by working its way though your entire system, and then it uses everything it finds, to completely unravel the life/lives of the person/people who own it.

Here is your food for thought. How would you feel if two guys tried to hack into your system to get information about your financee and your two unborn children, just to make a name for themselves?

I love my family as I know you do yours. I read your emails, looked through your pictures, etc. You have a second chance to do the right things from now on. Choose wisely boys.

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