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What Are You Hiding From Me Johnson?

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Malia: Baby, I keep waiting for something to be wrong with you.

MJ: What do you mean? Are you trying to find something wrong with me so you can be done with me, like we were dating?

Malia: You still seem too good to be true. There has to be something wrong with you.

Malia: Are you fooling me into thinking that you are a Hallmark Christmas movie man when you are secretly a sleaze ball that is afraid of commitment? What are you hiding Johnson? Are you secretly an evil cyber genius who created the world’s first and most powerful cyber weapon that almost caused the third World War and literally infected every single Windows run pc in the entire world?

MJ: I would love nothing more than to be your Hallmark movie man for all of my days. On the commitment part, hopefully I am proving my level of commitment after almost 10 years of being together, and 7 children. I don’t think I am hiding anything from you, but if I am, I don’t know what it is. As far as the “secretly being an evil cyber genius who created the world’s first and most powerful cyber weapon that almost caused the third World War and literally infected every single Windows run pc in the entire world” part, all I can say is, don’t judge a book by its cover. People can surprise you, ya know? 

MJ: Sometimes all it takes for a person to be the best version of themselves is to meet someone special.

Malia: I’m not buying it. I’m a cynical girl that would never fall for “Mr. Stuxnet”, “MJ The Terrible”, “The World’s Most Dangerous Hacker”.

MJ: What about just MJ? Not a nickname. Just a guy who would love you with all of his heart.

Malia: Would this MJ be worthy of me? I come from a wealthy family. I’m a Dupont girl. I grew up rich, in the old money neighborhood of Constantia, in Cape Town South Africa. I am highly educated. I have a doctorate from MIT. I can’t be with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. 

MJ: Probably not.

Malia: Why not?

MJ: He didn’t come from a wealthy family. He’s a regular guy. He grew up in Firestone Park, in Akron, Ohio, with no money, where the nicest house in the neighborhood probably cost under $100,000. He went to the University of Akron, a city college, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He isn’t just from the wrong side of the tracks. He is from the wrong side of the wrong side of the tracks. He’s basically from the double wrong side of the tracks.

Malia: Does he have big heart and a big dick?

MJ: He does

Malia: I can work with that. But he would have to have big enough balls to tell the Deputy Secretary of Defense to go fuck himself and destroy his office “Like A Boss” when the Deputy Secretary of Defense tried to screw him out of his deal with the government. 

MJ: He could absolutely do that, although in retrospect, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do to help his case.

Malia: It showed he was willing to fight for what he believed in. 

MJ: True

Malia: But how could he get my attention from all the way the way across double wrong side of the tracks?

MJ: He would have to do something big to get your attention. He could by accident and skill create the cyber equivalent of the atomic bomb and the government could unleash it without his knowledge. It would likely cause complete havoc around the world. People might nickname him “MJ The Terrible”. The government might not know what to do with him, so they kept him on a military base in San Antonio, Texas, where you might run into him when you were a medical intern at the base hospital?

Malia: It could happen. Your never know.  

MJ: It would be one for the record books. That’s for sure.

Malia: Guess what?

MJ: Chicken butt

Malia: I believe that the hypothetical story we are talking about here is real, and you are the boy in the story, and I am the girl in the story,

MJ: I love you more than anything Mrs. Johnson!

Malia: I love you that much to. Since you are the crazy boy in the story, it sounds like I might need to keep an eye on you. Just in case. You know, for world peace. Someone needs to. It might as well be me.

MJ: You can watch me anytime you want to. I promise I am not hiding anything, but you better dedicate the rest of your life to finding out if I am just to be sure 

Malia: Sounds like a good idea.

MJ: I am hiding something in my pants from you.

Malia: I am in preggo want a baby crazy mode. You don’t have to put a move on me. I’m ready to go right now, later, right now and later. if you want some, come get some! 

MJ: Deja vu baby. Earlier I had a short time window to have sex because I had the conference call. It’s the same thing now. The earlier call was national defense stuff though. This call is to buy A.I.U. Incorporated. I would like to have sex with you again, but it would have to be another quickie. We have approximately 20 minutes.

Malia: I say yes. Quickie me daddy! 

MJ: Coming in hot! Our bedroom, right?

Malia: Yep! Getting undressed now to save time. XOXO

“Mr Right” by Mrs “MJ The Terrible” –

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