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“What Quirky Cute and Sexy Things Does MJ Do That You Really Like?”

Question: Hey Malia. What quirky cute and sexy things does MJ do that you really like? Beth Vanguard, Greenwich, CT

Answer: Hey Beth. These are the ones that immediately come to mind.

Every time he gets into bed, or gets out of bed, he kisses me. It might be on my leg or my head or my lips, but he always kisses some part of me.

MJ will ask me to agree to something, before he actually tells me what it is that I’m agreeing to. I usually end up agreeing, and it always ends up being something ridiculous, like sex immediately or something.

I don’t think MJ has called me by my real name more than 50 times during the 6 years we’ve known each other. It’s always Baby, Babe, My Love, Big Butt, Hey Sexy, Whats up Pretty Girl, Babycakes, or something like that. It makes me feel like he loves me so much, that he likes to call me things no one else can call me.

When you say something to him, he takes it literally. So if I say, do foreplay now, he does it. He’s like a golden retriever or something.

I love how he looks at me. He has the sexiest eyes. When he gives me these deep looks, it is sexy on a whole other level.

Sometimes he just randomly starts singing Pearl Jam songs. It’s cute, and funny. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard MJ sing I’m still alive, when you ask him how he is doing.

When he makes me really mad, or messes up, he will do a Malia Day, where he has to do whatever I want that day. I get to pick all the meals, we watch whatever I want on TV, and we do whatever I want to basically.

Butt pats and boob grabs. It used to annoy the shit out of me, but now I really like it. I realized it is one of the ways he shows he loves me. I told him once it bothered me, and he stopped, but he went into sad puppy mode over it. When I told him he could do it again, he was all happy about it. As it turns out, he just likes being close to me in every way he can.

I love how sometimes he just starts taking my clothes off for sex, without asking me if I want to do it or not. Sometimes I tease him, by saying you didn’t ask. Didnt you think I would notice you taking my clothes off? Sometimes I play hard to get, but not that hard, because I love making love to him.

I love the random love or compliment comments. At parties or certain moments, he will say really loud…”Hey you. Yeah you. You are sexy as fuck. I just had to say that, because damn your hot as hell. Shit!” (This happened at Jeff Daches house, this billionaire MJ knows in New York. I couldn’t believe he did it. Everybody kept asking me if we knew each other. I told them I thought he was hot to, and I was going to take him home that night.)

If I’m in a bad mood, he will pull his penis out and swing it around, to be funny and make me laugh. I call it the Pee Pee Dance. #sillysexy

Those are some of the quirky cute sexy kinds of things he does, that I really like. He always keeps things interesting, and makes me feel loved, so I think I’m going to keep him around. Lol. Warmest wishes, Malia Johnson

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