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When did Chris (MJ#2) start standing in for MJ?

MJ and MJ2 (Chris) Walter Reed Hospital MJ The Terrible Logo Collage

Question: When did Chris (MJ#2) start standing in for MJ? Rafael Santos Fort Hood, TX

Malia: I don’t know an exact starting date, but sometime during 2011 is when Chris started standing in for MJ on a limited basis.

 In 2012, Chris actually had to go on a cruise with MJ’s wife at the time (his practice wife), to the Bahamas I think it was, because MJ wasn’t allowed to go. I got to read classified documents about it. I remember laughing when I read it because it ordered Chris to drink an excessive amount of alcohol daily and to even spill some on himself during the cruise, because MJ’s wife wouldn’t want to be close to him, which would help him to keep his identity concealed.

By 2015, when the subdural hematoma inside MJ’s head ruptured, Chris was living more of MJ’s regular life than MJ was. While MJ was in the hospital, his then wife (his practice wife), couldn’t even tell the difference between the real MJ and Chris. She had a drug problem. She was hooked on Xanax, so she would be zoned out a lot anyway. Chris and her slept in separate bedrooms. They came up with a lot of ways to keep Chris estranged from MJ’s then wife.

So that his then wife wouldn’t suspect anything like behavioral differences, Chris pretended to have “GAIT Disorder”, and pretended like he had a bad back, so he had to rest a lot, and be away from her.

I can’t believe they pulled it off. MJ is so affectionate. If MJ wasn’t affectionate for even a day, I would pick up on it, guaranteed. I would know if this would have been pulled on me. MJ tried to tell her in a roundabout way what was going on, but he told her she couldn’t tell anyone no matter what. She immediately told people, and that made things so much worse for MJ, which inevitably is what led to MJ’s subdural hematoma rupture and Chris having to step in and live 100% of what was MJ’s regular life at that point.

When MJ was in Ohio visiting family, Chris and MJ tried to trick MJ’s best since the second grade (Lorie). Lorie hugged Chris, thinking he was MJ. Chris hugged her back. Then Lorie was telling her kids stories from when her and MJ were young, and she rolled up Chris’s sleeves, to show them the fingernail marks she put in his arm in the 3rd grade, and they weren’t on Chris’s arm. MJ immediately walked in and told her about the whole 2 MJ’s situation. She laughed and said “Only my Mikey could have a crazy ass situation like this.”

On that same trip to Ohio, Chris and MJ tried to see if MJ’s Asian mom would be able to tell the difference between Chris and MJ. It took her about 20 minutes before she realized Chris was not MJ. She figured it out because Chris kept calling her Mom. MJ always calls her Ma. Chris also didn’t remember stories from when MJ used to live in Ohio as a kid. 

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