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When I Knew I Loved Malia

Malia and Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson Port Aransas Texas Speed Boat Photo

To answer your question from this morning baby…..

From the moment we met I felt a connection like I had never felt before. You made me feel nervous and yet completely at ease, at the same time.

I have been lucky enough to get to meet and spend time with famous celebrities, musicians, professional athletes, world leaders and presidents, and not one of them or even all of them combined gave me the same feeling that I had when we first met. The day we met changed everything.

I know we joke/talk about when you think it was that I was in love with you being the Bon Jovi concert in 2013, but I was in love with you way before that.

I knew I loved you with every fiber of my being on the first Port A(Port Aransas) trip.

At that time I was so afraid that I was going to be sent to Guantanamo Bay for my alleged involvement in the Stuxnet computer virus that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat and I was worried all the time, but if you look at the picture on this post that was taken at the time, it looks like I don’t have a care in the world. (That’s because of you my love!)

I knew I loved you for a lot of reasons but I think the reasons that stood out to me the most at that time were- 1. You gave me peace during the complete chaos going on in my life. 2. It felt like everyone else in my life was running away from me like I was a leper or something, but you never wavered for a second. I knew you were ride or die. 3. The way you made me feel. You made me feel loved and supported. You made me feel like the impossible problems that I had were solvable. You made me feel like it was okay to be Michael Johnson, and not “MJ The Terrible”.

Baby, on the days you don’t feel pretty, or you don’t feel loving enough, or you don’t feel like you are doing enough good in the world, etc, I always feel like calling you crazy, because that is what you are if you don’t think you are pretty enough or loving enough, or doing enough good in the world, etc, but I know that you aren’t crazy. You are just one of those incredibly rare selfless people who puts other people’s interests above their own. For that you deserve an award, you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself.

Malia I will love you every day for the rest of my life. I would die for you no questions asked. You are my better half. You are my world babycakes!

And I love happy endings-

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