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Malia May Johnson Close Up Black and White Sweet and Sexy Look Photo

MJ: Malia May Sexy Booty Beauty Johnson, my dick is woke!

Malia: Do you know what woke means baby?

MJ: I think so. Let me try to use it in a sentence. Malia May Sexy Booty Beauty Johnson, my dick is woke!

Malia: This is the definition of Woke- alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

MJ: Exactly!

Malia: How is that an “Exactly!”? I get what you are saying, but do you see how your woke and woke woke are different?

MJ: They are not different at all my love. The pretty girl in this picture makes my dick woke! (See attached photo)

Malia: How is your dick being woke similar to the woke cause definition – alert to injustice in society, especially racism? And thank you for the compliment baby.

MJ: I am trying to fight racism by putting my woke dick in the black life that matters the most to me. You’re welcome babycakes.

Malia: Aww. That is a trifecta. It’s sweet, sexy romantic, and socially conscious.

MJ: It’s a spinoff of the Martin Luther King “I Have A Dream” speech I am going to be giving you if you say no to my woke dick sex offer.

Malia: I want to help you fight racism by putting your woke dick in the black life that matters to you the most, me, but what is your spinoff of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech?

MJ: The spinoff I was going to do for you was the “I Have A Wet Dream” speech, while I was marching on the bedroom.

Malia: You are so cute. I am glad to see you are putting your genius brain to good creative use.

MJ: I have a dream! I have a dream that today a white boy from Akron Ohio will come together with a goddess from Cape Town South Africa, uniting the 2 naked bodies in a ceremony of sex, creating a oneness of sexual equality. I say to you Malia May Johnsonburger, I have that dream!

Malia: What do you think Martin Luther King would say if he read your “I Have A Wet Dream” texts?

MJ: I think he would give me a fist bump and say something like – “When I originally wrote the “I Have A Dream” speech I was thinking about people coming together, but if I also inspired people cumming together, that’s okay too. #itsoktohaveawetdreamtoo”

Malia: They didn’t have hashtags back then. Baby, I love you even though you are crazy.

MJ: I wasn’t sure if you meant if he was alive today or not. #wokedick

Malia: My vagina is getting woke wet.

MJ: I’m glad your vagina is alert to the injustice of my penis not being in your vagina.

Malia: I am going to make you orgasm so hard you will say I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Thank God Almighty I’m gonna cum!

MJ: Amen!

Malia: I love you Martin Luther King The Terrible.

MJ: I love you too. Are you at our house or at the remodel next door?

Malia: They are both our houses. I’m at our house in our bedroom looking at remodeling proposals.

MJ: Thank God!

Malia: Is the reason you are so happy I’m not at the remodel house because the wood smell is so strong? I try to ignore it, but I can’t get used to it either.

MJ: Yes. Is tear it down one of the options?

Malia: Maybe. The wood smell almost gets you high but not in a not fun way.

MJ: You are pregnant. You better not be getting high.

Malia: It’s friggin wood baby. You can’t get high from smelling wood.

MJ: I don’t know. That house has maximum wood funkage smell to it.

Malia: Let’s turn your “I Have A Wet Dream” into a reality now because I don’t want to think about the maximum wood funkage smell house remodel anymore right now, and I want to get you taken care of.

MJ: I need you as much as I want you. I am so deeply in love with you Malia.

Malia: I know you love me because even though you know you are already knew you were getting some, you still sent the extra love text. Are you on the way?

MJ: Yep. I stopped to kiss our babies on the head, on the way to our bed.

Malia: That rhymed. Love it. Now come love on me!

MJ: Yes ma’am!

Malia Plays The Race and Sex Card On Me –

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